Submitted Application

Your Name: Kayla
Your Age: 27
Character Name: Nathan Wallace
Characters Age: 40s
Face Claim: Anthony Stewart Head
Character Information:
Nathan is the widowed father of a teenage girl. He is also a skilled physician. His daughter, Shilo, is believed to me very ill, so much so that her hair has fallen out and she is not allowed contact with the outside world.
Unbeknownst to Shilo, she is not actually ill, but addicted to the medication her father continues to give her under the guise that it will cure her. Terrifies that he will lose Shilo as he lost his beloved wife Marni, Nathan is determined to keep his daughter with him at any cost.
Once a renowned doctor, Nathan is now enduring enternal servitude to one Rotti Largo, to repossess organs from patrons that have fault on their payments to GeneCo. Nathan hates this work and has tried to quit on numerous occassions, but Rotti continues to tell Shilo of the secret Nathan is keeping from her regarding her health.
Sample Paragraph As Your Character:
This is an excerpt from a thread already posted on the forum.
Nathan had just arrived back at his home after a night on the job. He had crept through the front door, careful not to alert Shilo of his presence just yet, and moved directly to the fireplace, swinging it forward and entering his secret chamber beneath the house. Once inside how ever, Nathan some how faded away, his evil alert ego ceasing all movement at first, cracking his neck and reveling in the warm feeling of the blood dripping down his neck and trickling down the leather covered exterior of his torso. A sadistic smile cracked onto his face and he moved again, stalking through the room towards the area where he washed and kept his suit.
He placed the cooler in his hand upon a small wooden stool in the beginning of the tiled area of the room, stretching his back a bit as straightened himself again. He began to slowly remove each singular piece of his repossession attire, clipping each item to the makeshift clothes line before him before removing the next item of leather from his body. His boot kicked to the side and his gloves now hanging from the line, blood trickling down them and dripping to the floor, he brought his hand to his side, sliding the hidden zipper down until it met the end of the track at his hip. He then removed his helmet, rolling his head around in a wide circle before placing the object almost lovingly on a hook that protruded from the wall.


Assests / Belongings

Victrian Home SPECS : 3 Bedroom || 2 Full Baths & 1 Half Bath || Eat-in Kitchen || Living Room w/ Fireplace || Dining Room || Study || Attic Space
Basement operating room(for repossessions) AMENITIES : Shower Alcove || Tilting Operating Table || Freezer || Storage Closet
Repo Outfit (Consists of the following) : Full head Helmet with eyelet window and lighting || Long, leather trench coat || Vinyl apron || Rubber gloves
Casual Clothing : Button up shirts || Thick rimmed glasses || Dress slacks || Loafers
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#20AA #21AA #22AA #23AA #24AA #25AA #26AA
MetzenbaumA DeBakeyA DeaverA Crile HemostatA
MayoA TissueA Army-NavyA KellyA
Pott'sA BonneyA WeitlanerA KocherA
IrisA AdsonA RichardsonA Allis & BabcockA
TenotomyA RussianA MalleableA
BandageA A RakeA
TaperedA Yankauer TubeA Linear StaplerA
Conventional CuttingA Poole TubeA Linear CutterA
VaressA Frazier TipA Circular CutterA