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How do I apply for a character?
In order to apply for a character (canon or original) you must first become a member of the site. Non-members can only post in certain areas of the forum. This is to prevent spam posts and to ensure that whichever character you decide to take on remains yours and that no two people are trying to post as the same character. After you have sucessfully registered as a member, fill out and send to the admin one of our Application Forms. Once you have sent it via PM, please wait for the admin to review and accept your application before going on any further.
How do I become a member?
At the top right hand corner of the forum there are two buttons: Login and Register. If you are already a member, click on the Login button and sign in to start playing. If you are not already a member, click on the Register button. Follow the prompts and set up your profile. When selecting a user name, please do not use the character for which you are planning to apply for. Once you have successfully registered as a member, you may send your application in to the admin for review.
When can I start posting?
Please do not start posting as your desired character until the admin has reviewed and accepted your application. This is to prevent spam and also to make it easier for the admin to keep track of which characters are taken and which are still open for applications. Failure to follow this guideline will result in a warning from the admin.
What are the rules for posting?
For important information on how the site is run, follow this link. For a complete list of the rules and regulations, click here. All interested applicants please read (or at least skim) through both of these pages to avoid confusion later on.