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This is a mutli- fandom RP website. Crossing fandoms is most definitely allowed, however, be make sure that the person you would like to play with is in agreement with you before you begin a thread. Remember that ANY ship that you would like to RP has to be cleared with any and all players before doing so. Do NOT under any circumstances try to wiggle your ship into an already existing thread without clearing it with the other participant. Not every has the same opinions.
Please be friendly, and if you have any problems with someone else on this site, direct your issues to one of our STAFF members. Do not start any fights or confrontations. We want this to remain a friendly environment. Any one caught harrassing, threatening, or mistreating any fellow members will receive a warning. Failure to comply with any of the site RULES will also merit a warning. Two warnings is the limit. Further action will be taken should you exceed this.
Unfortunately PROBOARDS does not allow any type of graphic contect on their hosted forums or websites. While I would love to allow this type of content, at this time we are unable due to the need to follow the necessary rules of our current forum host. If you do post something inappropriate, you will receive a message from one of our STAFF members. First post will be forgiven. Anything past that will result in a warning and possible further action taken should you exceed the 2 warning limit.
Any questions or concerns you may have can be messaged to one of our STAFF memebers or direct it to our "Guest Chat" cbox on the right hand side. Thank you very much and enjoy!
-The All Powerful Admin

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