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Your Name: Kayla
Your Age: 27
Character Name: David Tellurian
Characters Age:
Face Claim: David Bowie
Original Character Back Story:
While David Bowie does hace his own biography and backstory, this is my interpretation of the era persona, as if this version of him some how broke off the original person and had their own life and experiences.
David is a single, bisexual man in his early 50s. He is a lover of the finer things and an avid reader. Never having been a father, he had always wished to be one, as children brought light to his life and never ceased to bring a smile to his face. While is wardrobe usually consists of more proper clothing (vests, suits, dress shirts, ect.) he actually prefers to be nude when he can. He finds this state most relaxing. He is a regular smoker and conesuer of whiskey and scotch, his own well stocked celler within his lavish home.
He grew up in London in a loving home, both his parents now deceased and no siblings to speak of. He is an English teacher at a prestigious, Co-Ed, private university in the United States. Being a smoker, he does do his best to keep this from his students as he does not feel that it is appropriate for them to know much about him outside of the classroom or their day-to-day interactions with him. He is very private, doesn't associate with any of the other staff members, and keeps to himself. Working long into the night in his study is not uncommon for him and he is usually one of the last to leave campus, if he leaves at all and doesn't fall asleep on his couch.
Sample Paragraph As Your Character:
This is an excerpt from a thread currently located in Memory Lane.
David sat on his thrown, scepter in hand and his crown carefully resting on his head. He sat with a slightly slumped posture, looking as if he had no real care for being there. His eyes scanned the crowd before him, numerous expressions of terror and fear staring back at him. He hated these proceedings. Passing judgement on men, woman, and children for which he held little to no regard. A small boy stood on a circular structure to his left, a small row of bars in front of him and his stature barely tall enough to see above the rail.
One of his advisers read out the boys wrong doings, stealing numerous loaves of bread from the county baker and a bushel of apples from a neighboring farm. After nodding along silently and without so much as glancing at the boy, David's deep, booming voice uttered only two words. "Hang him." His guards carried the now crying boy away swiftly, his peasant mother following closely behind before she was detained by another couple of guards. She uttered something across the room in between her screaming, her hateful eyes staring David down. With only a wave of his hand in her general direction, she too was carried away, no double in line to share the same fate as her child.
David brought his hand to his face, tired of the day already and was not even noon. He squeezed at the bridge of his nose and hit the ground once with his scepter. "Bring forth the last to be punished."


Assests / Belongings

Victrian Home SPECS : 2 Bedroom || 1 Full Baths & 1 Half Bath || Eat-in Kitchen || Living Room w/ Fireplace || Dining Room || Study / Personal Library || Attic Space
Finished basement area AMENITIES : Finsihed Sitting Room || Laundry Area || Storage Room || Wine Cellar
1967 Chevrolet Impala : 396 cu in (6.5 L) Turbo-Jet V8 Engine || 4-Door Sedan || Black Paint Gloss Finish || Red Leather Interior || Casette Player
2015 Ford F-150 : 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine || 4-Door Crew Cab || Dark Blue Paint Gloss Finish || Navigation || Blue-Tooth || AUX Port || 5,000 to 9,100 lbs Towing Capacity
PaperPro Prodegy Stapler || X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener || Elmo TT‑12ID Interactive Document Camera || Datum B621LT-4P7 4 Post BiSlider Filing System 3 Units
Brave New World – Aldous HuxleyA A Farewell To Arms – Ernest HemingwayA
One Hundred Years Of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia MarquezA This Side of Paradise – F. Scott FitzgeraldA
Paradis Lost – John MiltonA To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper LeeA
The Illiad – HomerA The Odyssey – HomerA
The Republic – PlatoA Oresteia – AeschylusA
Oedipus Rex – SophoclesA The Aeneid – VirgilA
1984 – George OrwellA Crime and Punishment – Fyodor DostoyevskyA
The Sun Also Rises – Ernest HemingwayA The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Milan KunderaA
Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt VonnegutA The Color Purple – Alice WalkerA