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Your Name: Kayla
Your Age: 31
Character Name: Belle French
Characters Age: 34
Face Claim: Emilie de Ravin
Character Backstory:
Belle grew up in a lavish castle, her loving father doting on her and granting her everything she could have ever wanted. Her mother died when she was very little and her father never remarried, so she never really had a female role model in her life.
Nevertheless, her father made sure she grew into a loving, caring, and gentle woman. He did his best to instill good virtues and demurity.
An avid book lover and an only child, Belle spends most of her time reading, as she has for the majority of her life. After all, there isn't much else to do in a big empty castle while her father is busy ruling the Kingdom.
In Storybrooke, Belle tends to the local library with pleasure. She loves being around books and enjoys the quiet alone time away from all the drama that seems to surround her life. Being in love with The Dark One doesn't necessarily make for a peaceful life.
Sample Paragraph As Your Character:
This is an excerpt from a thread already posted on the forum.
Situated behind the large, wooden check-out counter, Belle contently and quietly devoured the pages of her favorite book for the millionth time. The cover of the book was tattered and worn, small clumps of pages already separated from the binding and threatening to fall to the floor. Bell loved this story, though she could not tell you why. It was not her typical choice in novels but she simply could not stop reading it. She knew each and every plot twist as well as each character as if she had known them since infancy. And yet, she continued to get lost in it's pages whenever she got the chance, each perusal as thrilling as the last.
Her eyes now burning from hours of focusing on the small lettering on the pages, she placed her book mark between the pages and set the book down on the desk, revealing the weathered words of the title on the front cover : They Cage The Animals At Night. She leaned back in her chair, stretching her arms above her head and letting out a small yawn. It was busy today. Each section of the building had at least one person in it and most of the isles as well. People has situated themselves at each table, towers of books beside them as they researched whatever topic they sought. The building was quite drafty, despite her efforts to get clearance from the mayor to remodel, so the small electric heater at her feet kept her warm throughout the day. The candle behind her reminding her of home and memories of wandering through the forest with her father on warm, sunny days.
Belle sighed, glancing at the wall beside her and the large grandfather clock situated there. One Twenty Four in the Afternoon. Her day was far from over.


Assests / Belongings

Belle spent most of her life living in her father's castle in The Enchanted Forest before being taken by The Dark One to be his servant, where she fell in love with him.
In Storybrooke, she spent some time in the mental institution due to The Evil Queen's rath, but once released and the spell broken, she lived with Rumplestiltskin in his home.
Manages and owns the Storybrooke Public Library